Things may get a little hectic around the Boathouse, while the enhancements are ongoing so, please bear with the construction. Stay tuned to this page where we will provide updates, as they become available.

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Quidi Vidi Developments

The Royal St John’s Regatta Committee wishes to inform all rowers about ongoing construction happening in the parking lot behind the Boathouse and the area to the west of the boathouse from the road to the water.
Construction is continuing and will so throughout the summer, with expected completion in late July, prior to regatta day.
As you can imagine there will be inconveniences throughout for all, including access, parking issues and road closures. Your safety is paramount so please follow all signage and directions and do not enter any areas that are barricaded or fenced off. Heavy equipment will be operating so watch for, and respect flag persons and construction workers.
We will continue to post updates as they become available. We will do our best to keep it current and to advise in advance of parking and road closures.

Update – May 12

Construction Update

  • Construction on the Quidi Vidi Lake Boathouse Redevelopment is progressing quite well. As most are aware the road and parking congestion around the Boathouse is very challenging. Thank you for your continued cooperation.

Road Construction

  • To implement the next stage of road construction there will be a road closure affecting Lakeview Avenue and Clancey Drive starting on Monday May 13, 2019. This road closure is anticipated to take up to three weeks. Clancey Drive will be closed from the Penitentiary through the Boathouse and Lakeview Avenue will be restricted to local traffic only.


  • Access to parking behind the Boathouse will be restricted as the parking lot is prepared for paving and therefore restricted for Boathouse staff, our tenant and our tenant’s clients. Temporary closures of the parking lot may also occur. Please respect these restrictions and also all notices to be posted by the City.
  • Parking will be permitted on both sides of Clancey Drive from the Penitentiary to Carnell Drive. During this time, current no parking zones will not be enforced on Clancey Drive. Please do not park on the grass.
  • The general public is encouraged to use the various parking lots on the north side of Quidi Vidi Lake along the Boulevard to free up parking on both Clancey and Carnell Drives and the bottom of the Dominion parking lot.
  • Crews are asked to arrive early to find parking and to ensure practice spins occur on time. We encourage all crews to make use of car pooling or to be dropped off, where possible.

Pedestrian Access

  • Pedestrian access through the construction area will be established. Signage will be added to provide directions and a restricted walking area will be provided. DO NOT walk on the road as construction traffic will be operating and obstructions may be present at all times. The pedestrian walkway is provided for your safety so please use only this walkway.

New Wharf

  • It is expected that a portion of the new wharf will become available this coming week. Fencing will be adjusted to provide access. Access to the wharf will continue to remain available only through the Boathouse. Once the final section of wharf is complete, access to the wharf will become available for its entire length, and from Clancey Drive.

Update – April 28, 2019

It appears the water is rising nicely so we can get the shells out, the boathouse staff will make the final call in the morning, and the construction area west of the Boathouse and the wharf area has been secured and fenced off.  Please do not enter those areas. There is access provided along the concrete wharf so you can access shells. Unfortunately the portion of the new wharf we expected to be ready is not, so this area remains closed as well. As communicated prior, access to the shells will remain through the Boathouse or from the gated area to the east of the building.  Our floating wharves have been temporarily installed at the east end of the Boathouse to provide additional wharf space and for ease of access.
The boathouse staff have installed a series of green buoys on the lake to keep you away from the construction area, to help keep you safe and protect our shells. Do not operate the shells between the buoys and the wharf area under construction. Please follow the directions provided by staff at all times.
  • The contractor is now expecting to start the curb work in the parking lot this week, so the lot behind the boathouse may not be available for parking. Partial parking may become available after the contractor finishes each day for the week of April 29 – May 10.
  • At this time we are unsure if the parking lot will be available in the mornings commencing May 13. We will provide a further update later this week as more information becomes available.
  • Due to parking concerns, we encourage you to car pool and endeavour to arrive early so as not to delay your practice spin.
For your safety, please watch for flag persons and the movement of heavy equipment and please obey all directions and signage.
We thank you for your patience during construction and look forward to your cooperation.
  • The Boathouse will open for operations on Monday, April 29. As you are likely aware there is no longer any parking lakeside, west of the Boathouse. Parking will be available on the south side of Clancey Drive, and construction workers will park towards the Penitentiary to make space available near the Boathouse. Please remember there are parking restrictions on Lakeview Avenue.  Parking is also available at the bottom of the Dominion Supermarket lot. If at all possible, consider car pooling. Please arrive early so as not to impede practice times, as in all likelihood you will have to park further away than usual.
  • The parking lot behind the Boathouse in currently under major rehabilitation but it is expected to be available for limited use after April 29th, but will not have class A stone or curbs installed. This will happen prior to paving so temporary or partial closures may occur from time to time. We will provide updates in that regard.
  • Clancey Drive will be closed for 2-3 weeks later in May as the final road realignment and regrading is carried out in preparation for paving. We expect paving to occur late May so we will keep you updated as we move forward.
Shell and Wharf Access:
  • The original concrete wharf is available for use. It is anticipated that a portion of the new wharf extension will be available for April 29, but this may be delayed due to weather conditions. Due to ongoing construction at the wharves, additional buoys will be placed on the lake to mark no entry areas to ensure your personal safety and to protect the shells.  Please do not operate within those areas and follow all instructions of the Boathouse staff.
  • You will only be able to access the wharf and shells through the Boathouse via the north facing door near the jog, or from the gate entrance at the east end of the Boathouse near the Rowing Club. The door exiting the west end of the Boathouse next to the office, cannot be used, except for emergency purposes. The construction area will be fenced off from the road to a portion of the existing wharf. As wharf construction is completed, access will become available from the western most point of the new wharf, and through the Boathouse. Please follow all directions and signage.
  • This is a major redevelopment that will provide a park-like setting, an extension of the trail way and an awards presentation area, which will make the area safer for participants and all lake users for generations to come.

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