2024 Ice MeltErg Indoor Rowing Challenge

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Open to all ages, abilities and experience levels; individuals are invited to participate using an ergometer (rowing machine) hooked up to state-of-art software. This makes the rower feel as if they are racing against the other participants!

Even if you do not have experience rowing on the water, we encourage you to participate — it’s a fun way to kick off the season!

2016 Nancy Beaton 2000m 07:24.1 Barry Carew 2000m 06:33.5




2017 Amanda Hancock 2000m 07:32.0 Alex Brandt 2000m 06:35.7




2018 Lindsay Holwell 2000m 7:17.3* Derek McDonald 2000m 06:27.2




2019 Alison Jones 2000m 07:19.6 Nick Duke 2000m 6:19.0*




2020 Stephanie Lagace 1000m 3:45.4** Frank Norris 1000m 3:12.9**




2021 ~ Canceled due to Pandemic ~
2022 Kristen Strickland 1000m 3:52.0 Frank Norris 2000m 6:36.8 Don Lynch 1000m 3:24.0

* Denotes a record
**Denotes a change in distance – 1000m vs. 2000m


ALL COACHES, COXSWAINS and TEAM MANAGERS who are participating with a team (registered or as a spare), where a member is under the age of 18 are required to complete a Vulnerable Sector Check for each season.

We are aligning ourselves with the safety and best practices of other sporting organizations by implementing this mandatory requirement. This is pertinent as coaches, coxswains and team managers are in a position of authority and are entrusted with the well-being of youth or vulnerable person(s).


To receive an exemption from the $20.00 fee, you will first need to obtain a letter from the Royal St. John’s Regatta Committee. To do this

  1. Click here to Request an Exemption Letter.
  2. When you receive your letter RSJRC, click the link below and follow the instructions.
  3. Completed Vulnerable Sector Checks are mailed via Canada Post directly to RSJRC for review. ** Processing takes an average of 15 business days, please apply early to avoid any delays in processing, especially in the busy spring/summer months. **

Royal St. John’s Regatta Committee will not be accepting a Vulnerable Sector Screening from any other organization.

  1. Registration deadline April 21, 2024
  2. Entry fee is $30.00 (HST included) per athlete, $15.00 ((HST included) for U14 athletes
  3. Registration WILL NOT be accepted on Event Day.
  4. You MUST complete a 2024 waiver to be eligible to participate.
  5. To Register: Click the Link https://forms.office.com/r/Uj8hV3uACy
  6. Payments should be sent preferably by Email Money Transfer (EMT) to [email protected]
    *Please include your Name in the memo section of your EMT*
  7. Scratches received after April 24, 2024 at midnight will forfeit entry fees without a suitable medical reason. 

2024 Ice MeltErg Indoor Rowing Challenge Information

Date: April 28, 2024

Location: Islander Athletics – 57 Old Pennywell Road, St. John’s

Check In: You should register at least 60 minutes before your race

Racing Begins: Racing begins between 8:30am and 9:00am based on number of registered.

Event ends: 12:30pm (TBD based on registration numbers)

*Times will be determined once registration closes and the schedule is complete

Age Category Distance Age Description
U14 500m 10 to 13 as of December 31
U15 1000m 13 to 14 as of December 31
U18 A 1000m 15 to 17 as of December 31
U18 B 2000m 15 to 17 as of December 31
U21 A 1000m 18 to 20 as of December 31
U21 B 2000m 18 to 20 as of December 31
Senior A 1000m 21 to 40 as of December 31
Senior B 2000m 21 to 40 as of December 31
Master A 1000m 41 and up as of December 31
Master B 2000m 41 and up as of December 31


Please sign your waiver and send it to [email protected] OR, bring it with you on event day. You WILL NOT be permitted to row, if you have not submitted a waiver.

Waiver Form

Vulnerable Sector Check

Are you a COACHCOXSWAIN or TEAM MANAGER who are participating with a team (registered or as a spare), where a member is under the age of 18? You are now required to complete a Vulnerable Sector Check.



  • Warm up
  • Racing
  • Finish
  • Other
  • Stretch and warm up prior to racing!
  • Five minutes prior to your race you will be called to stand behind your assigned ergometre.
  • When your lane is free, you may sit on the erg and continue your warm-up.
  • Listen to ALL instructions from the starter.
  • Competitors may use the damper setting of their own choice.
  • Do not touch the monitor on the rowing machine — ask the Lane Official to make any adjustments you may need.
  • Race Start Procedures: At the start of the countdown, all participants should be sitting still, with the flywheels not moving. The computer can detect the movement and will wait until all flywheels have stopped.
  • If the electronic countdown is not available, the start will be a verbal command from “Sit-Up, Ready,… Row.’
  • If someone begins before the ‘ROW’ command, the system will alert a “False Start” and the participant will be identified by lane.
  • In the first instance the participant will be given a warning.
  • In the event of two “False Starts” by the same participant, that participant may be disqualified.
  • If there is equipment breakdown or a signal connection failure identified in the first 250m of the race, the race will be stopped, the equipment repaired and the race will be restarted.
  • If equipment breaks after the 250m mark, the race will not be stopped.
  • If you require medical attention at any point, please contact a race official. There are first aid services on-site.
  • Each rower is permitted to have a coach to accompany them in the race area, during their event.
  • Participants are to remain on the erg until all participants have finished racing, unless directed so by an official or for medical reasons.
  • Participants may not touch the monitors until their results have been recorded by an official
  • Earbuds/headphones and other electronic equipment is strictly prohibited.
  • Spectators must remain outside of the race area.
  • Only officials and participants are permitted in the race area.