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come home year and Platinum Jubilee 2022
yellow FLAGLast Updated: 4:36pm - Sep 15, 2022

The Platinum Jubilee Royal St. John's Regatta will be held on August 3, 2022 (weather pending).

Stay tuned for updates!


Feeling lucky? Try your hand at some Regatta Roulette! Come Home Year Regatta Eve is sure to be an event full of FUN for all.

Come Home Year Regatta Eve Yoga

Stretch and feel that pre-Regatta Zen with Come Home Year Regatta Eve Yoga!

Join Lea Coultas, owner of Gentle Yoga with Lea, as she guides you through a series of stretches and moves for all ages, skill levels and body types.

Yoga will begin at 1:30PM, in front of the Quidi Vidi Bandstand.

Come Home Year Regatta Eve Entertainment:

Quidi Vidi Bandstand 

The party will then move to the Quidi Vidi Brewery Beer tent with the following lineup:

Regatta Eve Shuttle

The Metrobus shuttle will operate from 5:00 PM (first run from Confederation Building), until 9:30PM (last run from King’s Bridge Road).

The pickup location will be the Confederation Building parking lot, with the drop-off at King’s Bridge road.

Take it easy, take the bus!


Wondering if you’ve won Regatta Roulette? Once the official Royal St. John’s Regatta Committee meeting concludes and a decision on the viability of an event has been made, check out the live announcement on our Facebook page!


If you’re looking for live race results, you can find them on our website, Facebook and Instagram.

You can also check out the Rogers live stream, coming to you from the Winner’s Circle.


Visit our VENDOR MAP for a full listing of participating vendors on Regatta Day!


Regatta Eve Road Closures

5:00PM to 11:00PM (times subject to change based on the level of pedestrian activity):

  • Carnell Drive
  • Lakeview Avenue
  • Lake Avenue
  • Clancey Drive

Regatta Day Road Closures

7:00AM. to 30 minutes after the last race or until the level of pedestrian activity allows safe vehicular access:

  • Carnell Drive
  • Circular Road – Bannerman Street to Empire Avenue
  • Clancey Drive
  • Empire Avenue – Rennies Mill Road to Forest Road
  • Forest Road
  • Kenna’s Hill
  • King’s Bridge Road
  • Lake Avenue
  • Lakeview Avenue
  • Quidi Vidi Village Road
  • Legion Road
  • Pleasantville Avenue – Taylor Place to The Boulevard
  • The Boulevard – access to the Legion will be permitted via East White Hills Road only
  • Winter Avenue
  • New Cove Road – Bristol Street to King’s Bridge Road

For the most current and up to date information on Regatta Day street closures, visit the City of St. John’s website.

Automated teller machines (atm)

You can find the ATM’s located throughout many locations, lakeside.


Looking for a washroom? You can find them:

  • Next to the Boathouse
  • Next to the Beer Tent
South end of Quidi Vidi

Check out the digital version of our 2022 Souvenir Programme.

Be sure to pick up your official copy, lakeside on Regatta Day!


In effort to create an event which is as barrier-free as possible to enhance the experience for Regatta visitors, the Royal St. John’s Regatta Committee has once again partnered with Inclusion NL.

You can visit the Inclusion Crew Volunteers available throughout Regatta Day; located at various locations around the pond — look out for those blue hats!

  • Have a question about accessibility? Look for a person in a Blue Inclusion Crew Hat. Visit the Inclusion Tent located at the top of the pond, near the tower.
  • Event Schedule available in large print, braille and in audio. Available on the website or at the Inclusion Tent on Regatta Day.
  • Toll Free Inclusion Line 1-844-517-1376 available if you have any accessibility issues/questions. Text Number 709-697-3323.
  • Designated Accessible Blue Zone Parking on Dominion Parking Lot.
  • Designated GoBus Drop Off location on Dominion Parking Lot.
  • Accessible portable washrooms throughout site venue. Accessible washrooms also located at the boathouse and near the Beer Tent.
  • Accessible Charging Stations located at the boathouse, at the tower at the top of the lake, and at the Marquee on the north side.

There are a number of peak times throughout Regatta Day when crowds are anticipated to be above 20,000 and will impede accessibility. These times include: 11:00am-4:30pm and during the Championship Races in the evening.

Please note that each race will include a number of extremely loud gun shots which denote the start and finish of each race.

The gun sequence is as follows:

  1. Start of every race;
  2. Potential for another gunshot within the first minute of each race if there is a false start or issue;
  3. First boat to finish from each race (if a race has multiple categories in the same race, there could be multiple guns fired for the first boat to finish in each race type);
  4. Where possible (timing to change out shells), a gunshot may be fired for the finish of each squirt crew to finish.

THE ROYAL ST. JOHN'S REGATTA IS Held the First Wednesday in August.

Weather Permitting!

The day is a civic holiday for the entire St. John’s area and is a full day of Fixed Seat Rowing Races. The decision to go ahead with the Regatta is made early that morning (if not it proceeds the next day). Our fixed seat rowing shells are unique – being six person + coxswain and our races start and finish at the same spot – requiring all the crews to “turn the buoys” at the halfway point of the race.

The shores of beautiful and historic Quidi Vidi Lake are encircled by booths and concessions offering all visitors fun, food and games of chance. Throughout the day the crowds can reach as high as 30-50 thousand people as the citizens of St. John’s and all our visitors enjoy a “Day at the Races”.

South end of Quidi Vidi
Watching the Races

Crowds can reach as high as 30-50 thousand people!

GroundSpace Vendor Spin Wheel


A crew can be 6 men or 6 women + coxswain and range in age from young teens to senior citizens. Crews are ranked by ability from their time trial results, ensuring races are almost always competitive.

Youth Racing
Kelly's Pub Rowing Crew
Erin's Pub Rowing Crew

2022 Platinum Jubilee Royal St. John's Regatta

2022 Platinum Jubilee Royal St. John's Regatta Race Results


To get an idea of where you can and cannot park, a parking guide map can be found on the city of St.John’s website.

St. John’s Public Advisories


Want to participate in the 2022 Garden Party? Please CLICK HERE


Three ATMs will be available on Regatta Day:

  • Dominion Memorial Supermarket

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