The Royal St. John’s Regatta Committee is proud to continue our partnership with Inclusion NL to ensure our event is as barrier free as possible.

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St. John’s Regatta Inclusion Plan

  • Inclusion Crew Volunteers available throughout the day.  Look for a person in a Blue Inclusion Crew Hat if you have any accessibility questions
  • Inclusion Tent located at the top of the lake, near the Tower
  • Event Schedule available in large print, braille and in audio. Available on the website or at the Inclusion Tent on Regatta Day.
  • Designated Accessible Blue Zone Parking on Dominion Parking Lot
  • Designated GoBus Drop Off location on Dominion Parking Lot
  • Accessible portable washrooms throughout site venue. Accessible washrooms also located at the boathouse and near the Beer Garden.
  • Accessible Charging Stations located at the boathouse, at the tower at the top of the lake, and at the Marquee on the north side.
  • There are a number of peak times throughout Regatta Day when crowds are anticipated to be above 20 thousand, and will impede accessibility. These times include: 11:00am-4:30pm and during the Championship Races in the evening
  • Please note that each race will include a number of extremely loud gun shots which denote the start and finish of each race. The gun sequence is as follows:
    1. Start of every race
    2. Potential for another gunshot within the first minute of each race if there is a false start or issue
    3. The first boat to finish from each race (if a race has multiple categories in the same race, there could be multiple guns fired for the first boat to finish in each race type)
    4. Where possible (timing to change out shells), a gunshot may be fired for the finish of each squirt crew to finish
  • Toll-Free Inclusion Line 1-844-517-1376 available if you have any accessibility issues/questions.  Text Number 709-697-3323

Accessibility Guide Audio

Need Additional Information About Regatta Accessibility Features? Call/Text: 709-697-3323 Toll Free: 1-844-517-1376

Royal St. John’s Regatta Committee Partners with Inclusion NL

News Release - July 12th, 2018