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Royal St. John’s Regatta Committee Announces 2019 Hall of Fame Inductees

On July 30th, 2019

July 30, 2019

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Royal St. John’s Regatta Committee Announces 2019 Hall of Fame Inductees

The Royal St. John’s Regatta Committee is pleased to announce three new inductees into the Regatta Hall of Fame: the 1985 Outer Cove/Regatta Ford Intermediate Crew, former Regatta Committee member Francis (Frank) Dinn and long-time Regatta participant Graham Roche.

“This year, we have added three worthy inductees to the Regatta Hall of Fame,” said Chris Neary, President of the Royal St. John’s Regatta Committee. “All three have had a significant impact on the Regatta and fixed-seat rowing and we’re proud to honour their substantial contributions in this way.”

The Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be hosted by the City of St. John’s on Wednesday, July 31.

1985 Outer Cove Regatta Ford Intermediate Crew

The 1985 Outer Cove Regatta Ford Intermediate Crew competed in their first Regatta Day in two races, the Amateur Race and the Intermediate Race. It was in the Intermediate Race that they set a new course record of 9:30:65. This record held for 16 years until 2001.

The race time was impressive, considering four of the crew were young enough to row in the Juvenile Category, but had chosen to row in the Intermediate category with their teammates.

Three members of the team went on to row in championship races in later years. For its impressive record setting performance, the 1985 Outer Cover Regatta Ford Intermediate Crew is inducted in the Royal St. John’s Regatta Hall of Fame.

The team was comprised of Mike Power (Cox), Stroke: Pat Hyde, Dave Kelly, Frank Power, Darin

Hyde, Greg Morris, Paddy Dyer, Bill Power (Coach)



Francis (Frank) Dinn

As a young boy, Frank Dinn watched his father and uncle row on Regatta Day. It quickly became his favourite day of the year. While he rowed for one year during the 60s, it was in 1978, with the encouragement of his friend, Bob Healey, that he joined the Regatta Committee.

During 40 years of service on the Regatta Committee, Frank held many positions, took his roles very seriously and followed through with pride. He was highly involved in the selection, purchase and installation of 150 new seats for the rowers.

One of Frank’s more significant contributions was the pursuit of the “Royal” designation for the St. John’s Regatta. While there were skeptics that doubted it could happen, Frank persisted. In 1993, under the leadership of President Don Johnson, and the cooperation of Geoff Carnell, John Perlin, and John O’Mara working with Lieutenant Governor, Frederick Russell, the request was granted in less than 3 months and the St. John’s Regatta received the “Royal” prefix.

For his contributions to the Royal St. John’s Regatta, Frank Dinn is inducted into the Royal St. John’s Regatta Hall of Fame as a Builder.

Graham Roche

Graham Roche has been involved with the Regatta for over 20 years, first as a rower beginning in 1992, and then in 1998 as a coxswain, which was his true passion.

Graham has won over 25 medals, as a coxswain, including the 2008 Triple Crown Men’s Championship, with O’Dea Earle. He led his Intermediate Male crews to four consecutive gold medals from 2002-2005.

Graham has worked with many of the outstanding rowers on the pond, developing their rowing skills and cultivating a respect for the traditions of the Regatta.

As he strongly believed the future of the sport lay in the development of the younger rowers, Graham began working with several squirt teams beginning 2013. His 2015 Male Squirt crew set the record of 2.29.76.

For his contribution to the Royal St. John’s Regatta as a Coxswain, Graham Roche is inducted into the Royal St. John’s Regatta Hall of Fame.

Nomination Process

The Hall of Fame Committee puts out a call for nominations in the spring of each year. The three categories are: Rower/Crew, Coach/Coxswain, and Builder. The Committee receives and reviews applications, and certificates are presented at a special luncheon the Wednesday before the Regatta.

The 2019 Royal St. John’s Regatta Hall of Fame Committee members are: Don Kelly (Chair), Brendan McCarthy, Brian Madore, Mike Power, Wayne Purchase, Gail Malone and Bob Whelan.

“We take pride in ensuring deserving candidates are inducted into the Hall of Fame each year,” said Mr. Kelly. “We take passion in recognizing these exceptional individuals and highly encourage people to submit a nomination for future inductees.”

The Regatta Hall of Fame was established in 1987, with three objectives. The first is to recognize, honour and pay tribute to individuals or crews on the basis of ability, sportsmanship, character and achievement or extraordinary distinction in fixed seat rowing, whether amateur or professional.

The second is to recognize, honour and pay tribute to those individuals, groups or associations who have given distinguished service and who have made a major contribution to the development and advancement of fixed seat rowing in Newfoundland.

And the third is to encourage the development of all aspects of fixed seat rowing by permanently recording the achievements and history of such individuals, groups, associations, or crews.

The 201st Anniversary of the Royal St. John’s Regatta will take place on Wednesday, August 7 (weather permitting). Additional information about the regatta can be found at